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Karen Reynolds Army Photo

About Karen Reynolds

After retiring as an Army Master Sergeant with 21 years of honorable service, Karen chose to return to Clarksville to raise her sons and fully engage in the community. She is married to Billy Burgett and a proud mother of three sons, one of whom serves in the U.S. Navy. Karen holds a Master of Arts in Adult Education from East Carolina University. She is a graduate of Leadership Clarksville and Leadership Clarksville Montgomery County School System. She worked as a Veteran Service Representative for the Veterans Benefits Administration and then as a Project Manager in Healthcare Informatics until 2021 at Blanchfield Army Hospital. Her education, experience, and commitment to others make Karen a valuable leader and resident in the Clarksville-Montgomery County community. 

Champion for Ward 9

Currently, Karen represents Ward 9 on the Clarksville City Council. She tirelessly engages with residents, fostering open communication through monthly newsletters and town halls, ensuring their voices are heard before crucial decisions are made. Karen’s commitment to transparent governance has set a standard for community involvement. A dedicated community leader, she chairs the Montgomery County Health Council and actively participates as a member of the Women’s Shelter, the Tree Board, the Sustainability Committee, the Gas and Water Committee, and the Transportation, Streets, and Garages Committee.

Karen as a Councilperson
Karen joining a community event

Building a Better Community

Karen envisions a future for Tennessee marked by equity and equality. She has proven to be a fighter for all the members of our community, advocating for affordable housing, walkability, and infrastructure. She is committed to advocating for reproductive freedom and health care for the most vulnerable, fighting for well-funded schools with decreased classroom sizes, and ensuring the safety of our children by addressing the ongoing issue of gun violence. Green energy infrastructure, improved mass transit, and innovative traffic solutions are at the forefront of her vision for a better community.

Your Voice Matters

Karen's dedication to open communication as an elected official will continue in her role as a State Senator. She pledges to research issues diligently, communicate openly, and work tirelessly for the people. Karen is committed to bipartisan collaboration while standing firm against extremism, ensuring that promises  made are promises kept. Her experiences as a combat veteran and as an activist prepare her to stand up for what is right, even when it is difficult. Karen believes in a future where putting people first creates a better Tennessee for all. 

Karen reaching out to the community

Join Karen Reynolds as she works to build a brighter, more inclusive, and more prosperous future for our community and state.

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