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Local Issues


Our local governments have taken several steps to improve our traffic flow, but we cannot simply pave our way out of gridlock. Our city will continue to grow, and we need to address traffic in our community.  Our city’s growth must include effective traffic planning.  We must take a balanced, combined city and county approach to transportation and explore options to make mobility more efficient by creating additional lanes, improvements to existing infrastructure, public transportation, and alternative worksite arrangements.


Equality and Equity

Our city government must continue to foster equality and equity in all areas of our community to include education, access to small business loans, and strong, inclusive neighborhoods.  Our city council recently increased the Human Relations Commission’s  (HRC) funding from $2500 to $89,000. Supporting HRC, whose purpose is to foster better human relations, is a positive step in demonstrating that we will support equity and equality in our community.  


Affordable Housing

In 2019 our community was selected as the best place to live in the United States, and our housing market is heating up. We have seen our property values increase by 23 percent since 2014.  Studies show that over the next 20 years we will add about 90,000 new residents in Montgomery County.   We must work closely with residents, developers, engineers, and environmental groups to ensure that as we inevitably grow, we do so in a way that is inclusive of all our working citizens, farm income and acreage,  as well as our natural resources because we can’t make more land.  


COVID-19 Recovery

Our city is facing a budget crisis due to COVID-19. We need to ensure we balance the health and safety of our citizens with our community’s economic health during and after the pandemic.  The issues are complex and we need a City Council woman with the Courage, Candor, and Commitment who will fight to protect this balance.  Citizens can prevent the spread of the disease by wearing a mask, staying home, and get tested if you aren’t feeling well.


Renewable Energy

Our city received a solar array grant which is a collection of multiple solar panels that generate electricity.  This grant will allow CDE Lightband to install and collect data in order to create predictive models for solar energy.  We must pursue the development of local renewable energy projects that will reduce energy costs, promote local economic development and increase sustainability.  

Listening and Responding to Citizens Concerns

Your voice matters. Leading our community is about listening to our citizens and working together to address your concerns.  Our community deserves transparent leadership and representatives that will answer your emails and calls.  I will serve our community through collaboration and will be a voice for everyone.  

While these are priorities I created while visiting and listening to our community, I am sure that the residents of City Council Ward 9 have other opinions and ideas. I would love to hear from you and discuss you concerns so we may address them together. 

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