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Karen Reynolds advocating for women's rights

Reproductive Freedom for Every Tennessean

Karen Reynolds is committed to securing quality reproductive healthcare for every Tennessean, regardless of their zip code. She will work to clear barriers that limit access to maternity care and support individuals making their own choices about reproductive health, free from government interference. Karen views healthcare as a fundamental human right and opposes discriminatory laws that endanger lives or restrict personal reproductive health decisions. Recent legal decisions, like the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health ruling in June 2022, profoundly affected pregnant individuals nationwide. Shockingly, almost one in five patients now travel out of state for abortion care, especially in emergency situations. Tennessee's situation is dire, with over half of rural hospitals no longer offering birthing services, resulting in maternal care deserts within our state. In the Senate, Karen will fiercely advocate for safe and legal access to abortion. She supports initiatives like the Tennessee Contraception Freedom Act, ensuring every individual's right to contraception and reproductive healthcare. She will champion efforts to safeguard and expand our maternal healthcare community, working to ensure patients receive respect and dignity while making deeply personal reproductive health decisions.

Education Empowers: Invest in Our Schools, Secure Our Future!

Karen opposes the GOP's voucher system diverting resources from public to private schools. Rejecting federal education funds and implementing vouchers worsens underfunding, raises taxes, and doesn't improve student success. She's dedicated to protecting public education, understanding its critical role in shaping Tennessee's future. Her commitment stems from choosing Montgomery County's schools to raise her sons, and she will fight to safeguard public education from policies detrimental to our schools. Karen firmly opposes voucher programs, seeing them as schemes diverting tax dollars from local schools to unaccountable private institutions. These vouchers don't translate to genuine 'school choice' or 'educational freedom.' Private schools can selectively admit students and aren't obliged to offer services like transportation or accessibility to all. Tennessee's education rankings—42nd for public teacher salary, 46th for per-student spending, and a $1.7 billion annual underfunding in 2020—highlight critical challenges. Rejecting $1.8 billion in federal funds for book bans and discrimination isn't the solution. In Montgomery County, federal funding accounts for 20% of our budget; rejecting it would force local tax hikes. The Republican Supermajority has targeted librarians and educators with laws banning books, weakening unions, and allowing untrained individuals to teach in public schools. Karen aims to restore local decision-making, repeal the 3rd grade retention act, and bolster teacher unions. She values educators' expertise and aims to remove legislative barriers hindering their vital work.

Karen Reynolds supporting public schools

Vouchers don’t equal “school choice” or “educational freedom".

Karen Reynolds army photo

Protecting Tennessee: Fight for Safer Communities and Common-Sense Gun Laws

Karen Reynolds is deeply committed to addressing Tennessee's gun violence crisis, especially its impact on children. Guided by her military experience, she supports crucial measures such as safe storage requirements, closing background check loopholes, and red flag provisions. Her aim is to prioritize evidence-based gun safety laws, safeguarding the well-being of all Tennesseans. Gun violence stands as the primary cause of death for Tennessee's children, marking a severe public health crisis. Karen is resolute in upholding Second Amendment rights while prioritizing citizen safety. She won’t be swayed by special interests. Tennesseans overwhelmingly support common-sense gun laws aimed at community safety and well-being. Karen's dedication to listening to the community and advocating for evidence-based policies solidifies her commitment to fostering a safer Tennessee for all its residents.

Health Care: We need to stop putting money over medicine and address the hospital closures

Karen is an advocate for accessible healthcare, recognizing the continuous threat of hospital closures across Tennessee. She supports expanding the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, recognizing these measures as crucial to fortifying our healthcare infrastructure. Karen is committed to championing common-sense measures, enhancing healthcare access, and promoting transparent funding. She firmly believes that healthcare is an essential right and pledges to prioritize the well-being of every Tennessean. Karen, with her background in healthcare informatics, comprehends the intricate nuances within our healthcare system. More than half of TN hospitals risk closure due to insufficient TennCare reimbursement and not expanding Medicaid. These shutdowns represent the challenges mothers face in accessing adequate care, the necessity of better beginnings for newborns, and the dependence of families on these essential services. As a state senator, Karen prioritizes legislation meeting critical needs like housing, nutrition, and healthcare. She's dedicated to expanding federal programs like WIC, where studies reveal that each dollar invested saves $2.48 in medical, educational, and productivity expenses. Karen knows that addressing these concerns improves lives, lowers crime rates, and boosts the economy.

Karen Reynolds encouraging vaccines
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